Every day people ask to join SAKI ILIC Enterprise , who were born out of Love from their parents, to work from home. Those people learn from each other bit by bit, stage by stage with courage and faith. Universe invented this company to build a perfectly Enterprise to accomplish a participation to a better human community. SAKI ILIC participation’s are TV -Producers, Newspapers, Journalists, Singers, Actors , Marketers, Brokers, Writers , Photographers, Designers , Brand Investors , IT- Technicians , WEB Constructors, Make UP Artists, Fashion Companies who participate in accomplishments and achievements in a better well being every day just to carry the humanity and raises next generations to amazing achievements of care of SAKI ILIC . People who sponsored this enterprise to make billions fortune , amount of money to employ and invest in other employeers from Africa, Asia, Europe with Benefits to UNICEF to raise new talents and winners. Every word, pictures, actions, in the company’s mindset emphasize preparation of new winners and their goals to the top. The future in little things to succes in bigger things to move our picture where we pay intentions in deep relationships with connections in working, writing, giving . We , people , all came back from lots of rejection, we all bounced back from no and delays. Our Discipline, confidence  and relevant words  . Believe in our vision , we learn that training more we luckier and better we become. The Global Human beeings, leader and winners share SAKI ILIC Club on the way up . We focus towards successful educational enteprise degree, unstoppable wealth with partners, friends, workers, writers, speakers, marketers, IT- technicians and accountants of social groups with believes we can have a creation of new achievements. We act, can have a participation to SAKI ILIC , talk, speak, read, touch goals by helping each other’s for the best global company, employees fabulous people all around the universe global world who donates the income to support more UNICEFs people and their worthy in fenomenal, incredible success.

Great Business
  • Make your believes for succes
  • Think about  your brain
  • Respect others amount
  • Never have a doubt about luck
  • Do it with passion and it will honour you

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About us

As one of the most trusted in the Swiss Entertainment Music  Industry for many years now, LGBT Clubsinger  SAKI ILIC is a 20 years an experienced and highly skilled worker with a reputation for reliability and efficiency, able to take on a variety of Entertainer jobs. To find out more, take a look around the website or get in touch for a quote.

The Company SAKI ILIC

As Venture Exclusive Capital Brand , Cash Flow of SAKI ILIC by SECO publicity ,one of the most trusted Earnings before Interest and Taxes, EBIT, IGE , Cash Ratio , Acid Test Quick Ratio with. Bankers Rule of a vision of SAKI ILIC in the industry in Good ROE Return on Equity by Fusion ,Go ROI Return on Investment by Decharge , the Ratings of SAKI ILIC by FAQ and Know-How for many years now, , the Governance Financial  Leverage Effect by 200% Holding and Controlling the Brand SAKI ILIC by Opting Up as Going Concern of EFTA Management . The Swiss GAAP FER by SHAB Corporate Governance operative Controllings of SAKI ILIC by RAG Investment in a Future by Société Anonyme Corporate Governance of SAKI ILIC in Swiss Code of Best Practice by economie-Suisse.The Principals Agents of SAKI ILIC VRP, MA, KN and Stakeholder, Shareholder , Patent Cooperation Treaty of SAK ILIC by WIPO , PCT and Trademark of SAKI ILIC as best experienced and highly skilled worker with a reputation for reliability and efficiency, able to take on a variety of jobs. To find out more, take a look around the website or get SAKI ILIC.

" Simply the Best Entertainment Company."-New York Times

 Strahinja Ilic -The Entepreneur

About CEO  Saki 

About us

Worldwide team of employment from SAKI ILIC offers you live services for your various productions

with a professional entertainment profile

World international team of multilateral  specializes in the booking and coordination of SAKI ILIC performances of all kinds for worldwide performances with 50 compositions and copyright participation. Convince yourself to become a Clubmember of our wide range of products and services and contact us for a non-binding offer to get involved as employees.

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  • SAKI ILIC as an advertising campaign  for toothpaste, chocolate, auto shows, fashion shows, extra for short films, main roles founder for series, underwear workers for catalogs, moderation and product seller on long-term advertising and more by arrangement with any countries

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  • Coordination with three European subsidiaries the Swiss spiritually patented IGE brand SAKI ILIC at trade fairs, film productions, concerts, tours, stadiums, TV shows and sell them worldwide as well as online and streaming services with distribution partners from Canada and the USA, La Demence Spain, Amnesia IBIZA, Burningman , Le Matine, Angel Events.

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  • SAKI ILIC also offers a brand-patented 6-person team for tele-trading, commercial merchandising model as a prestigious brand with franchise to numerous partners in 178 countries for sale to entertainment productions, beauty catwalk, dressman line-ups for designer shows, as an advertising face for eau de toillettes ,
    Accessories, watches, jewelry, gadgets and LGBT LIVE music with bestselling A-List studio directors and references from RTL, 3Sat, SRF and Happy TV Serbia, Il Pechatto, Manor, T&M, Heaven, 20min, Vesti, Blik, Kurrier, New York Times, Inquire, VH1, MTV, VIVA, Vogue, Bazar inspired by the international transgender, gay and bi community.